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Flexible hiring software are making or breaking companies in this new highly competitive market. The old system of posting jobs, waiting for candidates to show up, then putting them through an uninspiring interview process before handing them the employee handbook is so antiquated, it’s a wonder anyone still submits themselves to it.

Dave Bookbinder, author of “The NEW ROI”: Return on Individuals, says companies must place “a more quantifiable value on the most valuable asset in every organization – people – and the impact that people have on the value of an organization.”

A younger, more competitive workforce is quickly reshaping expectations around engagement, the hiring process, and what it takes to earn their loyalty. This shifting demographic and candidates’ eagerness to connect on a deeper level—driven by a desire for independence and autonomy— requires hiring processes that do more than simply tracking scheduled interviews or submitted paperwork.

Allowing candidates to dictate the schedule and timing, while still working quickly towards a common hiring goal, means shortening hiring cycles, reducing time to hire, and managing thousands of applicants in a way that feels personal and convenient.

The time has come to make a change. What’s your move?

Before you adopt a hiring automation platform…

As a premier hiring automation platform, we specialize in hiring a large hourly workforce quickly and efficiently. Whether it's helping streamline communication during the hiring process, automating interviews or organizing candidate documents, Fountain can help you build a quality fulfillment team in a flash.

Benefits: A deeper understanding of who your best candidates are paves a path for better, more qualified hires. You’ll snag the best candidates before other companies do, and those hires will stick around longer. You’ll start tracking conversion metrics you’ve never been able to track before.

Fountain’s hiring automation software powers the new service economy to source, screen, hire and onboard nearly 1 million applicants each month.  Since inception, teams across 50 countries use Fountain to save millions of work-hours and communicate with more than 10+ million applicants. Our mission is to open opportunities for the new global workforce. Fountain's customers include Uber, Safeway, Airbnb, Deliveroo, Grubhub and Shipt. Visit us at to learn more or contact us at

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