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Uncomplicated your hiring process with user-friendly tools

While hiring practices and software have evolved over the last two decades, much remains the same. First generation applicant tracking systems focused on easing the recruiters job, while second generation systems added CRMs to the mix. As social media matured, so did online application processes, integrating social networks into the recruiting and hiring processes.

Today’s hiring tools have been made more complicated as a result of trying to add on new features and functionality to antiquated systems.

The market is now flooded with tools that claim to offer complete solutions through complicated integrations. You see them self-described as a “suite of services” or a “platform with ATS, CRM and job posting software all integrated”. While these sound impressive and convenient, they do not address the major objective of growing companies: providing an effortless and personable hiring process for both the recruiter and candidate.

The shift to using intelligent tools to hire

Today, a major shift is happening thanks to a handful of new technological developments like machine learning and AI. This shift in demographics and expectations has also pushed some company practices forward.

With a focus on experience, metrics, and machine learning, today’s hiring software is finally putting attention back on employee and candidate satisfaction.

The 5 must-have features for hiring software

We’ve compiled a comprehensive checklist for your organization to use when evaluating whether a technology partner is a good fit for your needs or deciding which hiring software is right for your company.

1. Machine Learning & AI

Chatbots may be the function du jour, but true AI and machine learning have much deeper capabilities. From predicting the probability of a hire to qualification filters that help you find top candidates, machine learning and AI can learn and adapt based on exposure to new data.

Benefits: A deeper understanding of who your best candidates are paves a path for better, more qualified hires. You’ll snag the best candidates before other companies do, and those hires will stick around longer. You’ll start tracking conversion metrics you’ve never been able to track. It’s a virtuous cycle.

2. Integrations

Today’s applicant success platforms work in conjunction with existing ATS and CRM software, reducing the pain points of these clunky and painful systems.

Benefits: Designed to handle large-scale hiring endeavors, new applicant success platforms provide clarity about applicants, give deeper visibility into your ongoing hiring process, and help recruiters better know applicants through high-leverage touch points.

3. Automation

Automation through machine learning and AI help recruiters and HR personnel leave tedious ,manual processes behind, giving them time to create meaningful personal interactions with candidates.

Benefits: Younger candidates who are accustomed to fast responses and easy web and app interactions will appreciate a more personalized experience. Recruiters and HR can have truly personal interactions with 300-400 applicants/mo as opposed to using tradition systems. Higher engagement leads to higher quality hires and improved conversion rates. In some cases, average time to hire is cut in half.

4. Customization

Time is often a major hurdle for hourly workers to overcome. The highly flexible and customizable applicant success platforms on the market today allow candidates to interact with recruiters when it’s most convenient for them, leveraging video conferencing and mobile apps.

Benefits: Candidates can schedule and participate in interviews remotely, saving valuable time and resources, minimize hiring costs, and reducing stress and anxiety around the hiring process. Showing candidates you value their time through added layers of convenience sends the message they’re respected and valued.

1. Communications (SMS)

Missed interviews, scheduling mix-ups, and straight-up forgetfulness are a thing of the past. Today’s applicant success platforms provide an integrated, personalized, and automated communication platform that sends reminders, allows follow-ups, and encourages next steps.

Benefits: Create an unparalleled experience for potential hires and new employees alike with automated SMS reminders and correspondence. Constant communication greases the wheels of every stage of the hiring process, making sure the best candidates stick with you well beyond their first day of work.

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