Fall 2020 Feature Release

Our newest software release delivers new features and platform enhancements to accommodate remote recruiting and get the world back to work. In the continuous effort to connect great employers with the best candidates, we’ve built the features and benefits necessary for high-volume hiring at scale. Learn more about these new platform features and enhancements below.




What's New

  • Live and on-demand video interviewing. 
  • Geolocation enhancements
  • Universal applicant view
  • Advanced resumé parsing
  • Career site services
  • Automated recruitment chatbot 
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Streamlined scheduling

Live and on-demand video interviews provide flexibility to recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates so they can review or record videos at a time that works best for them.


Enhanced experience

Whether a candidate arrives from a job board, social media, or employee referral, branded career sites make a great first impression and showcase company values, benefits, and culture.


Increased conversion

Automate engagement with a recruiting chatbot that sits directly on a jobs directory or careers site to engage candidates 24/7 and instantly answers any questions they may have.


"Fountain has not only allowed us to manage more applicants, but it has allowed us to test and adjust our process over time, which is the most important thing for a growing company."

Tom Morrison- Head of Supply Operations at Deliveroo