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Fine-tune your hiring process with personalization and automated communication

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Fine-tune your hiring process with personalization and automated communication

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Finding a job is stressful. It’s time-consuming, confusing, and can be a challenging social situation. Fountain is your smart and connected guide - we help you stand out, get jobs that suit your life, and keep you working toward your goals.

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No longer will you have to submit the same paperwork over and over to multiple jobs, or send a resume off into a black hole online and have no idea what happens next. Fountain provides automation, transparency, and personalization throughout the application process.

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Frequently asked questions
Can I apply to more than one job?
Yes, you can apply to as many jobs as you like! Better yet, you’ll only have to fill out the basic info one time - all applications after your first will auto-apply using your existing info!
How often will I receive emails or SMS?
We will send you an email and SMS whenever there is an update regarding the status of your current application(s). We will also send you an SMS when there is a new job posted in your area. We won't send you spam messages and you can unsubscribe at any time.
I have questions regarding my job application. Who should I reach out to?
For inquiries regarding your application, reach out to the employer directly through SMS or email. You can respond to the latest email or SMS you received from the employer. For questions about Fountain, email help@fountain.com.
Is my data secure?
Yes! Fountain complies with all standard security and privacy standards, and is GDPR compliant in the UK.
Is my data secure?
Every day! Our customers are actively using Fountain to find and screen applicants, so be sure to check back often for new jobs. We can also send you an SMS with new jobs that are added in your area.
What if I am no longer interested in a job?
You can contact the employer and let them know that you would like your application removed from consideration. Soon Fountain will offer a “Withdraw application” feature - click here to learn more about our new worker app coming soon!
What is Fountain? Is it an app? A platform? I’m confused!
Fountain is a marketplace with over 400 employers who actively screen and hire more than 1 million applicants around the world each month. We are building a brand new native worker app, and in the meantime workers can take advantage of our modern interface and simple application process.
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