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Hundreds of employers trust Fountain to source, hire, and onboard better people, faster.

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Caviar trusts Fountain to scale and streamline their recruiting function

Powerful flexibility

Every company is different, that’s why we configure the platform specifically to address the pain points unique to your business and industry while providing a simple user interface that’s easy to use.

Automated engagement

The candidate experience begins the moment they apply. Convert more applicants and keep them engaged via text with real-time responses, automated scheduling and reminders, all from within the Fountain platform.

Sourcing at scale

Attract new applicants and amplify the reach of current job openings by posting to more than 80 job boards instantly. Select the budget & duration of your choosing to bring top talent into your hiring funnel.

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Candidate experience

Fine-tune your hiring process with personalization and automated communication

Powerful analytics

Leverage real-time data to make strategic decisions and increase conversions

Seamless integrations

Access our partner solutions directly within the Fountain platform for a streamlined experience